One morning on October 12, 1990, a group of athletes from the Costa de Calvià Club were about to start a very popular race in those days, the INCA-LLUC, a test of about 17.5 kms, very hard, that we had already disputed other years and that as on other occasions we also took the opportunity to stay in the Monastery after the race to make a toast with our colleagues, friends and family.

This year was the last edition that was held and that had Fernando Romero as the winner, also with a record of the test: 1 h. 00 min. 25 sec., put us all in line from the beginning of the slopes after passing through Caimari.

At the end of the test, as we had planned, we met behind the Monastery on an esplanade and expressed our concern on the ground. The Costa de Calvià Club had made its presentation and unilaterally decided to do without or eliminate the marathon section, since they had New technicians arrived from other clubs and they considered that the marathon runners were “some killers” (literal description expressed by the technical director) and were not good for the new club project, whoever wanted to get a record would get it, but they did not count for nothing with us.

We consider ourselves excluded, we talked about what to do, a few proposed to continue with a license in the club, others to create a new club and some proposed to go to another club already created, in the end, we agreed to propose Juan Ramis, who in those days was an athlete Our colleague from Club Costa de Calvià and businessman, that if he saw himself capable of sponsoring a new athletics club, we were willing to create a club of athletes especially marathoners and long-distance runners, although without limitations when each one could do whatever you wanted, that is, without obligations or limitations and that you could act with total freedom.

Juan Ramis, did not hesitate for a moment, he told us yes and from that moment we started with the bureaucratic issue, since by the dates in which we moved, the season was about to end and papers had to be processed , licenses and others, in view of the start-up of the club in time and deadline to start the new season, because many of us had a license with the previous club.

So, we went to the notary to open the founding act of the CLUB MARATHON TRANSPORTES RAMIS-SASTRE, and at the beginning of November 1990 we already began to participate in tests with the name of our new club, we processed our first licenses and bought our kits already run.

The list of those first founding athletes is as follows: Juan Ramis (president), Fernando Romero (member), Manuel Gago (member), Pedro Serra (member), Bartolomé Quetglas, Miguel Angel Huelmo, Francisco Jiménez (member), Cristóbal Espada (member), Juan Rodado, Francisco Soler and Baldomero Oliver (treasurer). In addition to the athletes, the following acted as founding partners: Lorenzo Sastre (vice-president) and Karin Falck (secretary).

We spent our first season participating in a lot of long-distance events on the island, already in November a few of us moved to the Nalón Valley Marathon, and in April 1991 we planted ourselves in the Rotterdam Marathon and some other races outside of the island and from this beginning, this was the constant of the club for future seasons, to participate and schedule trips to marathons or national and international events.

In the second season the club went on to have 23 athletes registered, in the third to 51 and so on we grew until we had 165 registered athletes in one season, until we became the most important club in the Balearic Islands for more than a decade in the long-distance and cross section, achieving our best success by classifying in the Absolute Spanish Championship of Cross Country Clubs in 7th position out of a total of 51 participating clubs, the best classification ever achieved by a Balearic club in a Spanish cross country championship. The athletes who made up the team that day were: Toni Peña, Toni Lupiáñez, Jhonny Ouriaglhi and Manuel Picó.

In the second season of the Club’s existence, we began to organize long-distance road races and we dared to organize the first edition of the TRANSPORTES RAMIS-SASTRE HALF MARATHON, of which we will soon celebrate the 28th edition, this time with the name of CITY OF PALMA.

During all these years as a club we have directly organized countless road, cross and track events: Palma City Half Marathon, Palma-Calvià Half Marathon, Cross de les Illes Malgrats, Meeting d’Atletisme de les Illes Balears, Cursa del Pla of Na Tesa, Cursa de l’Standard; and we have collaborated with institutions, municipalities and federations in the organization of other events, such as: Calvià Marathon, Spanish Absolute Half Marathon Championship, Absolute World Championship and the 1998 Half Marathon Nations, Palma ’99 Universiada, several Championships of the Balearic Islands of Absolute Cross and Clubs, half marathons (Manacor, Menorca, Cala Ratjada, Pobles del Nort de la Ciutat de Palma, etc.), TUI Marathon Palma de Mallorca, 10 Kms. Divina Pastora, etc.

Many seasons have passed and hundreds of athletes from our islands and from abroad have paraded through our club, some with more or less athletic quality or physical conditions, with better sports results, it would take too long to name them all, and unfair to decide who deserves whether or not to be on this list, in the athletes section you will be able to see who have been those who have belonged to the Club and by their history you will have a reference of their quality, many of them with national or regional marks and records still in force.

We do not want to name or personalize anyone for their athletic quality, although there are and have been, very good, but above all they have generally been great people and very good friends, with whom we have shared experiences, vicissitudes, thoughts and above all desire to live and to live healthily the sport of athletics and life.

We are only going to name in this introductory letter to our website, the athletes, the friends who can no longer be with us, who unfortunately will no longer accompany us on the journey of the days that life brings us.

One afternoon in August 2002, in a fatal bike accident on the road, Francisco Soriano Freniche left us, a piece of great heart, a lover of life, health and good humor, stopped running because of some spurs calcaneus and took the bike until he could run again, that day never came, since a car cut him off on the Sóller road and took him away from us forever.

Later, our colleague Javier Mayol Bauzá, all kindness and correctness, popular marathoner, a few months after finishing a Calvià marathon, we woke up to his disappearance after a rapid and unstoppable cruel illness.

And in 2010, at the end of April, we went to heaven and never came back, a true sports giant, Tolo Calafat Marcus, a great guy, that type of unrepeatable person, who can be considered lucky if one day you manage to meet someone like him, always willing to collaborate, to lend you a hand in anything, he didn’t ask you for anything, rather he gave in to everything, he tiptoed past, he didn’t stand out, he collaborated with us in the assembly and in the organization of all the tests made any challenge easy for you and nothing was impossible; although we know that he will not return, we have the feeling that one day he may appear to be with us.

And also unfortunately, one night on October 21, 2015, our secretary, founder and friend Karin Falck, in a sudden and unpredictable way, stopped accompanying us, our joker escaped us, the girl who solved all our management problems, from interpretation, everything she gives to others, a tireless person, with her went her kindness, her smile and a very special way of being that made everyone who approached her love her.

Our Club was renamed for commercial and sponsorship reasons CLUB MARATHON HERMES LOGÍSTICA and later CLUB MARATHON MALLORCA – TONI PEÑA, later C.M. BIKILA MALLORCA – TONI PEÑA, and return to the name that we have always maintained until today of CLUB MARATHON MALLORCA.

Over the years, a large number of athletics clubs have emerged or been formed from our Club, for one reason or another, which have had a greater or lesser history, or a leading role in Balearic athletics: Club Marathon Portixol , Club Ada Calvia, CA Montuiri, C.A. Menorca-Xtrem, Companys de Manacor, with whom we have maintained very good relations and in some cases we have shared the necessary aid to achieve the objectives set for the organization of tests or collaboration in participation in competitions.

The CLUB MARATHON MALLORCA will continue its journey this coming season as it has been doing up to now, trying to adapt to the times and set achievable goals, giving total freedom to all its athletes and associates to organize and schedule their challenges, above all , preserving the right for each one to do sports-health-leisure according to their availability, both financially, as well as time or family or work obligations.

Above all, we wish that all of you who want to share this hobby with us, have the best time possible and are in this Club mainly for friendship and because with us you find a great human group with whom to share those hours of training and communication. of those experiences that make our day to day different.

Friends, one more year, may injuries respect you and may you be able to achieve your goals!!!