Rules 10km

Start: 9h Antoni Maura Avenue.

Finish: Parc de la Mar in front of the Cathedral.

Route: Closed to traffic along the Paseo Marítimo, Paseo Sagrera, Llevant Highway (one lap).

Refreshments: Water at Kms. 4-7 and on arrival.

Time Limit: 1 hour 15 minutes, after this time, the control will be closed.

Minimum age: 18 years old on the day of the test. Athletes over 16 years of age who have parental or guardian authorization may also take part in the competition.

Cloakroom: At departure and arrival, there will be a cloakroom service to take care of the athletes’ belongings

Control and results: It will be carried out through the ChampionsChip system by «Elitechip».

Complaints: They will be submitted to the test director in writing, within 30 minutes after notification of the results.

Classifications: There will be a single absolute general classification and by categories, male and female, according to FAIB regulations.

Gifts: When picking up their number, each athlete will receive a bag with gifts and when they reach the finish line they will receive a commemorative gift of the race

Race Doctor: There will be a Race Doctor, responsible for medical services.

All participants with physical, respiratory problems, allergies, etc., that require special attention, must let the Organization know before starting the competition, referring to it when processing the registration, and on the day of the competition they will make a written record in the back of your bib, of your specific medical problem.

Athletes over 40 years of age must have a medical certificate attesting to their physical fitness.

Ambulances: There will be an ambulance service at the start and finish and at various points along the route.

Race Insurance: Participants are covered by an Accident and Civil Liability Insurance Policy, which will cover the treatment of injuries that occur to the athletes, as a direct consequence of the development of the test, and never as a consequence of a disease or defect. latent, imprudence, negligence, non-observance of the laws and the rules established by the Organization, or for the damages produced in the displacements to the place where the test takes place, or from it to the residence of the athletes.

Race Security: Palma Local Police, Palma Port Police and the Organization are in charge of race security. Athletes will obey any instructions they receive from the people in charge of their security.


Top 5 male absolute athletes
Top 5 female absolute athletes
3 first male athletes Port de Palma staff
3 first female athletes Port de Palma staff


The fact of registering and taking part in the test implies full acceptance of these rules; as well as other provisions that the Organization may take at the time for any reason.

The Organization reserves the right to disqualify or expel athletes from the competition; that they falsify
data about your personality, do not complete the course, have an unsportsmanlike attitude with other participants, etc.

Athletes will provide their identification to the Organization, in case it is required.

Access to the circuit and taking part in the test will be prevented for athletes without a number who have not made their regulatory registration.

The participants consider themselves fit, physically and psychologically, to take part in the competition, and are fully responsible for any damage that may be suffered by their person, regardless of the severity.

The Organization declines all responsibility for moral, physical and material damages that may be suffered by the


1.a – These rules are made public on a provisional basis, the Organization reserves the right to be able to
change them, according to their needs and criteria, which would be notified to the participants, prior to the start of the competition.

2.a – If for any reason beyond the control of the Organization, the test could not be carried out on the scheduled date, the Organization will not refund the amount of the registration made by the participating athlete or authorized person, since the athlete will remain registered in the test until it can be held on a new and future date, which will be communicated in a timely manner to all registered athletes.

3rd – In the event that the registered athlete cannot take part in the test for justifiable reasons (injury, illness, or inability to physically be in Palma that day), the Organization will not refund the amount of the registration made for this edition , but after prior written justification and accepted by the organization, your registration will go to a next edition of the test.